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Saint Rose recognized more than 100 students for their distinguished academic achievement at the College’s final Honors Convocation on April 27 in Picotte Recital Hall. President Marcia J. White and Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Margaret McLane were joined by the deans of the four schools and many other faculty and administrators, who presented the awards to the students. Students were also recognized for their induction into various academic honors societies.

“Today, we honor the dedication, resilience, and remarkable achievements of our students, particularly our graduating seniors, as they conclude their exceptional academic journeys at The College of Saint Rose,” said Dr. McLane. “Their commitment to academic excellence, contributions to our community, and readiness to embark on new challenges embody the spirit of Saint Rose. We are immensely proud of each and every one of them and look forward to witnessing their continued success and impact on the world.”


This award is presented to the outstanding members of each class who have achieved the highest cumulative grade-point average (GPA)

  • Class of 2025, Liv Bryant, Nursing,
  • Class of 2026, Emma Yakalis, Music,
  • Class of 2027, Amine Lakrafili, Business Administration


Saint Rose of Lima Awards

These awards, given to a four-year student and a transfer student, are presented to graduating seniors in recognition of the highest academic achievement during study at the College.


  • Four-year student: Emma Carter, English
  • Four-year student: Catherine Finnerty, Biochemistry
  • Transfer student: Jaqueline Wayman, Social Work

Biagiotti-Burton Endowed Award

This award is given to History and Political Science majors selected for their courage, honesty, and community involvement.

  • Awardee: Isadore Mero

Clayton Trag Rock & Roll Rebel Annual Scholarship

This award is given to a junior Music major who is a talented rock and roll, jazz, or blues musician with financial need and a 3.5 GPA in Music courses.

  • Awardee: Paige McCulloch

Gariba Abdul-Korah Memorial Award

This award, named for our late colleague Dr. Gariba Abdul-Korah, goes to the student with the broadest international perspective. This might include studying abroad, serving with an international agency/organization, studying an international problem, or planning to attend graduate school in international politics, law, or history.

  • Awardee: Kevin Castellanos

Jack Fragomeni Memorial Music Award

The award is presented to a junior guitar student who has shown the most improvement since his or her first year. Recipients are selected by the Music faculty. The award is named in honor of the late Jack Fragomeni, a jazz guitarist and part-time Music Department faculty member for 25 years.

  • Awardee: Cain Mack

J. Robert Sheehan Music Scholar Award

This award is presented to a sophomore or junior vocal or keyboard music student who, as determined by the Music faculty, has exhibited outstanding dedication to the department and exceptional progress and promise in Music from academic and applied performance perspectives. The award is made possible by friends and family of J. Robert Sheehan, former chair of the College’s Music department, in recognition of his many years of service.

  • Awardee: Hannah Dote

Sister Rita Agnes Casey, CSJ Endowed Music Award

This award is presented to a female senior Music major who has demonstrated commitment to continuing music studies It is given in honor of Sister Rita Agnes Casey, one of the College’s founders and chair of the Music department from its inception in 1920 until 1957.

  • Awardees: Julie Berardo, Mary Israel, and Skyler Stabin

Sister Patricia Kane Writing Award in Journalism

This award, named for the founder of The College of Saint Rose journalism program, is presented to a Communications major. Students are invited to submit pieces of journalism that meet the following criteria: compelling, accurate writing that adheres to standard journalistic convention and foregrounds the student’s ability to source a story and deliver accurate information in a timely fashion.

  • Awardee: Savannah Torebka

Senior Writing Award

The honoree is selected from a group of candidates who submitted three anonymous writing samples to judges outside the College community.

  • Awardee: Ava Zuelsdorf

James J. Carr III Award for Business Beyond the Classroom

This award honors students who have at least a 3.0 GPA and have distinguished themselves outside the classroom in an internship, field study, or faculty-directed research. It was established in 2013 in memory of James J. Carr III, a pioneer of the restaurant boom in downtown Albany.

  • Awardees: Chase Carroll, Micheal Previlus Desir, Thomas Krill, and Chase Tucker

Dr. Anne Toolan Rowley Endowed Award

This award recognizes a graduate student who demonstrates outstanding scholarship and exemplary service to children and adults with communication needs in language and literacy, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

  • Awardee: Deanna Bradshaw

Joyce Coon Memorial Award

This award is presented to a graduate student in the Communication Sciences and Disorders program who has demonstrated academic excellence in the area of adult neurogenic communication disorders and swallowing and also has demonstrated the personal qualities exemplified by Joyce Coon – compassion, caring, and collaboration. It was established in memory of Coon, who received her bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Saint Rose in 2004 and who had been pursuing her graduate degree in the program.

  • Awardee: Grace Schmidt

Sister Charleen Bloom, CSJ Graduate Scholarship

This award is given to a new graduate student who demonstrates high academic scholarship, leadership, strong interpersonal skills, and a commitment to “serve thy dear neighbor.”

  • Awardees: JesseLeVan, Emily McCarthy, Brittney Murrary, Shannon Neary

Dr. Huey C. Bogan Award for Creativity in Teaching

This award recognizes an outstanding graduate student who exemplifies Dr. Bogan’s qualities, including academic excellence, creativity, and passion for education. Dr. Bogan, a Childhood Education professor at Saint Rose for 16 years, passed away in 2009.

  • Awardee: Jessica Coyle

Dr. Mark Ylvisaker Memorial Award

This award is presented to an outstanding undergraduate or graduate student who exemplifies the qualities of Dr. Ylvisaker: a love of and great aptitude in learning and scholarship, innovative and successful efforts in helping others to communicate, and a genuineness and warmth that is evident to all.

  • Awardee: Amanda Shuttleworth

The Michael Welshhaun Memorial Award

This award recognizes a Communications Sciences and Disorders student who has used technology to improve the communication ability of someone with complex communication challenges.

  • Awardees: Everett Carpenter, Mikel Fere, Shelley Massinga, Logan Pollak

American Institute of Chemists Award

This national program honors outstanding seniors majoring in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, or Biochemistry. The award is presented on the basis of “a demonstrated record of ability, leadership, and professional promise.

  • Awardee: Anna Maria Dzyadyk

General Chemistry Award

This award is presented to the best student or students in general Chemistry at the College. Award criteria include GPA and motivation for and interest in Chemistry.

  • Awardees: Mikel Fere, Ayah Muhiddin

Donna L. Reittinger Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Psychological Research

This award recognizes a senior-level student graduating in December or May of the academic year PSY 498 is taken. Students must have completed all of PSY 498 successfully. Eligible students must have at least a 3.0 GPA in psychology and an overall GPA of 3.0.

  • Awardee: Nick Koenig

Marie Chirico Bello ’48 Award

This award is presented to a full-time undergraduate Science major who shares Marie Chirico Bello’s passion for science, demonstrated through high academic achievement. It was established in 2011 in honor of the 85th birthday of Marie Chirico Bello ’48, who majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry.

  • Awardee: Kaley Roberts

Sister Noel Marie Cronin Excellence in Mathematics Award

This award is presented to a senior mathematics major who has met specific academic criteria and who has demonstrated originality, creativity, initiative, and integration of knowledge in coursework.

  • Awardee: Tatiana Leggiero

Sister Theresa Wysolmerski, CSJ, Award for Excellence in Biology

This award is presented to an outstanding full-time undergraduate Biology, Biology: Adolescence Education, Medical Technology, Biology/Cytotechnology, or Childhood Education (Biology concentration) major who meets specific academic criteria and has demonstrated academic excellence, breadth of interest, and general social concern.

  • Awardee: Alexander Karam

Senior Class Scholar-Athlete Award

This award is presented to one male and one female student who fit the following criteria: has attended The College of Saint Rose for at least four semesters, been a member of a varsity sport for at least two seasons, including their senior, be a graduating senior or enrolled in a combined program and successfully completed the undergraduate portion, and have the highest cumulative GPA (minimum of 3.5). Awardees are selected by the Athletics Department in conjunction with the faculty liaison to the Athletics Department.

  • Awardees: Catherine Finnerty, Ryan Gainor

Mary P. VanDerzee Memorial Award

This award is presented to a sophomore or junior (in any degree program) registered with the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities. A minimum 3.00 GPA is required, and applicants must complete an application (which includes a 200-300-word essay).

  • Awardee: Annemarie Catone

Dr. Megan E. Cartier Memorial Award

This award, named for our late colleague Megan E. Cartier, Ph.D., goes to a senior or graduate student who has studied Special Education with an overall GPA of 3.5 or greater and whose contributions to the community carry on the spirit of Dr. Cartier by demonstrating a passion for advocacy, engagement in social justice, and support of individuals.

  • Awardee: Karissa Finley

Michael D. Normandin Innovative Computing Technology Award

This award is presented to a full-time undergraduate or graduate student majoring in Computer Information systems or the Music Industry. The recipient need not be an academic achiever but a student who demonstrates ambition, enthusiasm, and creativity in using computers to solve problems. It is named for Michael D. Normandin ’87, who has decades of real-world computer technology leadership and experience.

  • Awardee: Catharina Oswald

Sister Rosaleen Gilroy, CSJ History-Political Science Award

This award honors the graduating senior with the highest cumulative GPA in the History-Political Science major.

  • Awardee: Isadore Mero


The award recognizes graduating seniors who have at least a 3.5 GPA and who meet other criteria specified by the department faculty in which they study.

School of Arts and Humanities

  • Kyla Mayberry, Communication
  • Emma Carter, Angelina Mandell, English
  • Joseph Asprion, Sophia Caprara, Mike Guardino, English Adolescence Education
  • Katherine Lewis, History
  • Isadore Mero, History and Political Science
  • Julia Berardo, Paige McCulloch, Julia Williams, Music Industry
  • Mariah Almquist, Political Science
  • Michaela Fay, Social Studies: Adolescence Education

Huether School of Business

  • Nicholas Hoffman, Joseph Mirabile, Accounting
  • Chase Carroll, Jaden Fowler, Lucas Malmquist, Finance
  • Ciana Phillips, Finance/Business Administration, BS/MBA (Dual Degree)

Thelma P. Lally School of Education

  • Brid Banister, Kennedy Cowles, Childhood Education/Special Education
  • Hannah Tockman, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Alexis Harrington, Nichole Lencewicz, Natalie Hoyt, Lauren Vandenburgh, Childhood Education/Childhood Education B-6
  • Brittany Neary, Inclusive Early Childhood Education

School of Mathematics and Sciences

  • Mattison Muller, Melissa Ortiz-Cintron, Aleysha Richards, Kaley Roberts, Biology
  • Sidney Brucato, Marcello Fazio, Catherine Finnerty, Ryan Gainer, Biochemistry
  • Anna Maria Dzyadky, Chemistry
  • Abbie Travis, Criminal Justice, Behavior & Law
  • McKenzie Vondras, Forensic Psychology
  • Heather Miller, Forensic Psychology, Clinical Concentration
  • Nayanna DeAmelia, Forensic Psychology, Law Enforcement Concentration
  • Elizabeth Paul, Medical Technology
  • Sophie Valente, Psychology
  • McKenzie Breunig-Smith, Psychology, Clinical/Counseling Concentration
  • Amy LaFountain, Jaqueline Wayman, Social Work


Huether School of Business

  • Matteo Iagrossi, Harshad Udaya Kumar, Accounting
  • Trisha Deonarain, Accounting (Business Administration/Professional Accounting – 150 Credit Hours) Dual Degree BS/MS

Thelma P. Lally School of Education

  • Rebecca Theadore, Adolescence Education Advanced Certificate of Study
  • Sterling Auty, Zachary Weber, Adolescence Education Initial Certification
  • Olivia Degraw, Jonah Dworkin, Adolescence Education/Special Education: English (BA/MSED)
  • Ashley Carroll, Adolescence Education/Special Education Generalist 7-12
  • Michaela Fay, Adolescence Education/Special Education: Social Studies (BA/MSED)
  • Vanessa Chonou, Morgan Hems, Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Emily McCarthy, Amanda Shuttleworth, Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Madison Clark, Alejandra Morillo Guzman, Curriculum and Instruction
  • Cindy Karkatselos-Casiano, Matt Pierce, Early Childhood/Childhood Education B-6
  • Zaineb Hamdeh, Educational Psychology
  • Madison Chandler, Literacy B – Gr 12
  • Mario Isopo, Kelsea Royce, School Counseling
  • Gabriella Crisafulli, Janna Daniels, Felisha DeMania, Chloe Laven, Natalie Martuscello, Hailey Newell, Hannah Polk, Hannah Rathbun, Emily Torre, School Psychology
  • Elizabeth Daniels, Special Education B-6
  • Lucas Makely, Special Education/Adolescence Education Generalist Gr 7-12
  • Victoria Alteri, Special Education Profession

Mathematics and Sciences

  • Breana Doherty, Mathew Smith, Shannon Sullivan, Social Work (31 cr.) Advanced Standing
  • Isabella Serafini, Social Work (62 cr.)


Honor Societies are national or international organizations that recognize students for academic excellence, usually within a specific academic discipline. Each one has its own membership requirements and separate induction ceremonies.

Delta Delta Epsilon

International Honor Society in Forensic Science

Moderator: Dr. Sara Alvaro, Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • Reem Abdu
  • Kaelah Carter
  • James Henriques
  • Payton Woodward

Kappa Delta Pi

International Honor Society in Education

Co-Moderators: Dr. Kristi Fragnoli, Professor of Teacher Education, and Dr. Jennifer Suriano, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

  • Autumn Aubrey
  • Julia Berak
  • Samuel Bethel
  • Nevaeh Boyd
  • Shari Brophy
  • Taylor Calacone
  • Felicia Carlino
  • Carlye Clifford
  • Natalie Coffman
  • Kaitlyn Colon
  • Abigail Countryman
  • Jenna Ellison
  • Hannah Elsworth
  • Jennie Evans
  • Karissa Finley
  • LaTasha Franklin
  • Candice Gocke
  • Caitlyn Hennessy
  • Maryhelen Hopkins
  • Mikayla Joslyn
  • Emily Kent
  • Megan Leylegain
  • Rachael Mann
  • Hailey Mason
  • Ashleigh Mein
  • Hannah Miller
  • Keishaliz Morales
  • Margaret Mullaney
  • Brittney Neary
  • Nikolette Nesci
  • Bella Nicotina
  • Kennedy Nordby
  • Megan Philip
  • Alexandra Reed
  • Grace Reilly
  • Shauna Rockwell
  • Victoria Scaringe
  • Kori Scott
  • Nichole Shields
  • Rebecca Sniffen
  • Kathleen Stuto
  • Chloe Sullivan
  • Amanda Swart
  • Nichole Taveras
  • Whitney Thomas
  • Melissa Torres
  • Martha Whyte
  • Lauren Wrigley
  • Nicholas Novotny

Phi Alpha

International Honor Society in Social Work

Moderator: Dr. Donna Van Alst, Assistant Professor of Social Work

BSW Inductees:

  • Paula Arborleda
  • Olivia Barry
  • Jamal Din
  • Amy LaFountain
  • Anahi Garcia
  • AnnClaire Noakes
  • Mia Sweeney

MSSW Inductees:

  • Christie Archer
  • Sarah August
  • Grace Campion-Pratt
  • Elizabeth Darling
  • Travis DeGroat
  • Kayla Mitchell
  • Tajera Morgan
  • Joshua Riebel
  • Patrick Ryan
  • Andria Rufa
  • Giovani Saldana
  • Joseph Seck
  • Rachael Southworth
  • Mason Tallman
  • Caroline White

Psi Chi

National Psychology Honor Society

Moderator: Dr. Ross Krawczyk, Associate Professor of Psychology

  • Bridget Rakoczy
  • Nickolai Sergiev

Sigma Tau Delta

International English Honor Society

Moderator: Dr. May Caroline Chan, Associate Professor of English

  • Caitlyn Hennessy
  • Lauren Wrigley

Sigma Xi

The Scientific Research Honor Society

Moderator: Dr. Brad Bauer, Associate Professor of Chemistry

  • Sidney Brucato
  • Emily Connolly
  • Anna Maria Dzyadyk
  • Catherine Finnerty
  • Kaley Roberts
  • Anna Maria Dzyadyk

Although The College of Saint Rose will cease academic instruction in June 2024, its mission and values of serving the dear neighbor, creating diverse and inclusive communities, and meeting the needs of the times will live on through the work and lives of its alumni and dedicated faculty and staff.