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2021-2024 Strategic Plan for The College of Saint Rose

For more than a century, Saint Rose has been an institution committed to producing professionals and citizens who are key contributors to building and maintaining a civil society. Students are not merely transformed at Saint Rose. They learn to be advocates for themselves and others, using the knowledge gained in our classrooms to serve the dear neighbor no matter what field they pursue.

Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Goal 1: Academic excellence

To be universally recognized as an academically rigorous and nurturing college with high impact engagement practices, meaningful student outcomes, and innovative academic programs.

Take a closer look at the objectives for Goal 1.
  • Ensure all academic programs reflect the highest standards of excellence and integrate the College’s founding values with an orientation toward measurable learning outcomes and development of the whole person.
  • Achieve a post-graduation placement rate within six months of graduation that ranks Saint Rose in the top 20% nationally by Spring 2025.
  • Add new academic programs that foster curricular innovation to meet student and employer needs.
  • Develop a robust portfolio of professional development and certificate programs to meet the ongoing needs of individuals and organizations in the workforce, recognizing that all academic outcomes are not associated with traditional degrees.

Goal 2: Student success

To fully meet the needs of each student as a whole person, by providing a College experience that supports each student persisting to degree completion and readies them to achieve their professional and personal aspirations.

Take a closer look at the objectives for Goal 2.
  • Redesign student support services to ensure all students are supported throughout their Saint Rose experience and are prepared to successfully launch their careers, graduate opportunities, and post-college pursuits.
  • Set clear retention targets for the institution and departments with regular and clear internal communication about progress toward retention, persistence, and graduation goals.
  • Ensure the College fosters a learning community that values integrity, diversity, interdependence, and mutual respect.
  • Develop and implement a plan to ensure technologies that support student engagement and academic success are appropriately integrated and used effectively.

Goal 3: Foster an engaged, inclusive, and supported community

To be an inclusive community that engages highly motivated and vibrant administrators, scholars, and staff working concertedly for excellence.

Take a closer look at the objectives for Goal 3.
  • Foster a shared sense of purpose.
  • Demonstrate strengthened commitment to Inclusive Excellence.
  • Continue to enhance internal communication.
  • Increase employee retention.

Students on Campus 2021

Strategic Plan Goal 4: Fiscal Strength

To achieve the mission, the College will continue to exercise prudent financial management with the goal that operating revenues exceed expenses. Excess revenues will be used to invest in strategic priorities that will support academic excellence and student support and additional programs and services that meet the needs of the times.

Take a closer look at the objectives for Goal 4.
  • Develop a college-wide, multi-year budget plan that will achieve a balanced budget based on revenue and operating cost projections by the 2024-2025 budget year.
  • Increase unrestricted and restricted fund raising.
  • Increase number of private and federal grants submitted including restricted and unrestricted.
  • Increase undergraduate and graduate operating revenue through enrollment.
  • Create facilities plan to utilize existing facilities more efficiently, to reduce costs, and to generate revenue.
  • Complete reorganization of administrative units to support efficiency and distribution of responsibilities.

Our 5 founding values

  1. Orientation toward excellence
    Our classroom experiences are rigorous – but the same professors who demand excellence are also there to support students along the way.
  2. Development of the whole person
    The Core, our liberal arts requirement for undergraduate students, ensures that students leave Saint Rose with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. Co-curricular experiences also encourage personal growth.
  3. Building an inclusive community
    We strive for inclusive excellence at Saint Rose. It’s not enough to have a diverse student population. Diversity enhances the learning experience of the entire campus community, and we want everyone to feel welcome and bring their unique selves to Saint Rose.
  4. Serving the dear neighbor
    Our founding Sisters thought a lot about the dear neighbor, which is why Saint Rose is located within Albany and is integrated into the neighborhood. It’s not just about gaining knowledge at Saint Rose. It’s about using that knowledge to help those around us.
  5. Meeting the needs of the times
    Throughout Saint Rose’s history, the College has adapted its programs to meet the needs of any given field – whether that’s education, speech language pathology, criminal justice, psychology, computer science, or more.