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Graduate Study for Practicing Teachers

The College of Saint Rose Thelma P. Lally School of Education offers graduate level professional development courses in the New York City metropolitan area and Massachusetts as part of its Distance Delivery Program for practicing educators. Open enrollment graduate level courses for professionals who have earned baccalaureate degrees from accredited colleges/universities are offered at convenient times, mainly on the weekends and during summers.

The Distance Delivery Program may meet the needs of students wishing to fulfill New York State requirements for continuing professional development, and qualify for school district salary differentials. With over 100 courses to choose from, thousands of New York’s teachers annually have found the Distance Delivery Program to be an essential component in furthering their careers.

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About Professional Development Courses for Teachers

Our Standards of Education

The College of Saint Rose has a highly regarded Teacher Education program. Our School of Education produces the area’s best teachers, and now our courses are available to teachers in the New York metro area through our Distance Delivery Program. All professional development courses are listed in The College of Saint Rose Graduate Catalog, and both courses and instructors are approved by our Teacher Education department. Instructors must meet the same high standards as those teaching courses on campus, and are periodically observed to ensure that excellent standards are maintained.

Classes meet in locations throughout the New York City metro area, including Long Island and Westchester County. Courses are also offered further north along the Hudson and in western New York State; brochures published by our  (CITE, NYSUT, TEI, Jenmarc) provide details of locations and schedules.


With over 100 different courses available through our Distance Delivery Program, options for graduate study are varied, and include such areas as Special Education and Technology. We add new courses to the program each year, bringing teachers the latest topics in Education.

How to Get Started

All courses offered through Distance Delivery are scheduled by one of our three affiliates. Each affiliate publishes brochures listing courses, times, and locations of College of Saint Rose graduate courses. Once you have found a course that meets your needs, contact the affiliate office which manages that course for The College. The affiliate will sign you up for classes and guide you through the process for getting registered with The College of Saint Rose. Registration with The College of Saint Rose happens after you fill out a registration form on the first day of class. Keep in mind that “registering” with an affiliate office is not the same as registering with The College of Saint Rose. Enrollment at The College depends on our receipt of complete registration forms from the affiliate office.

Tuition for professional development courses is paid to the affiliate office managing the course for us. Please contact the appropriate affiliate with questions that arise regarding your tuition payment and billing.

Online Courses Affiliates

The College of Saint Rose contracts with carefully chosen, independent organizations to offer the Off-Site Program. The affiliate partners handle administrative details, such as scheduling, pre-registration, and processing tuition. One of these organizations will be your first stop for enrolling in a professional development course with The College of Saint Rose.

The Center for Integrated Training and Education (CITE)

CITE is located in Plainview, NY and partners with The College of Saint Rose to offer Special Education graduate-level education courses in the New York City metro area. CITE also administers two Educational Administration Certificate Programs and a Master’s in Educational Administration Program at off-campus locations throughout the five boroughs and Long Island. Additionally, the newly required NYSED workshop on harassment, bullying and discrimination prevention is offered at two locations, one in Brooklyn and one on Long Island.

Visit CITE’s website, , for schedules, prices and locations or call 516.221.4082.

Current CITE Educational Leadership & Administration Students: Click the link below for program information, technology information and instructions, and certification application instructions.

Download CITE Manual

Teacher Education Institute (TEI)

TEI’s partnership with The College of Saint Rose offers many of our newest graduate-level education courses. TEI also provides many online courses offerings.

Visit TEI’s website, , for schedules, locations, and prices or call 1.800.331.2208.

New York State United Teachers (NYSUT)

NYSUT’s program brings The College of Saint Rose courses to teachers throughout New York State, including the greater Rochester, Syracuse, Utica/Rome, Hudson Valley and Capital District areas. NYSUT also offers courses entirely online.

Visit their website, , for schedules, locations, and prices or call 1.800.528.6208.

Distance Delivery Programs FAQs

Yes. Some of our Distance Delivery Courses are available online. Check websites of our  to find out which courses are online.  offers most of our online courses.

Yes. Some of our Distance Delivery Courses are available to teachers throughout New York State, including Rochester, Syracuse, Utica/Rome, and the Hudson Valley and Capital District areas.  offers most of the courses the College offers in Western NY.

Students needing an official (we only issue official) transcript must request one in writing from the  at The College of Saint Rose. Your signature is required in order for us to release your records. You can use a transcript request . Your transcript shows your complete academic history of coursework done at The College of Saint Rose. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires the College to maintain security measures regarding your personal academic records. For your protection and privacy, we absolutely do not FAX transcripts.

If you have requested a transcript and instructed us to delay processing until the grade for a certain course has been entered, your transcript will be produced as soon as possible after receipt of grades from the instructor. Remember, your instructors have 10 days to submit grades, and despite their best efforts, delays do sometimes happen. If you have requested your transcript to be sent immediately, and you have completed at least one course in the past, we will not check for pending grades. Don’t assume a grade has been submitted if the course was taken during the current semester. If your transcript must show a certain grade for the current semester, write it on the request form and please don’t check the box that says “send immediately”!

Academic advisors and academic departments in all of the College’s degree programs determine which courses may be applied to the degree. Because Distance Delivery courses are designed primarily as professional development opportunities, the courses likely would qualify only as elective credit within a degree program (assuming the degree program includes elective options), again subject to departmental approval. Students hoping to apply Distance Delivery courses toward a degree should secure permission prior to enrollment in the course.

Courses are listed in The College of Saint Rose’s Graduate Catalog, available online. For courses added to the curriculum after printing of the catalogue, contact a Distance Delivery staff member at The College of Saint Rose.