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Should you have a question after reading the FAQs, email questions@strose.edu. This page will continue to be updated, as appropriate, so please check back.


General Information

Like many colleges and universities, the College has faced a decline in enrollment in recent years as a result of the prolonged impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and a shrinking pool of graduating high school graduates in New York and the northeast, colloquially known as the demographic cliff. This trend is expected to challenge enrollment at least through 2037, particularly in New York State where the decrease is expected to be 14%.

Today, enrollment at the College of Saint Rose is about half of what it was in 2010.

After a lengthy analysis, the Collegeā€™s Board of Trustees determined that the CollegeĢż does not have the financial resources to complete the 2024-2025 academic year and will cease academic instruction in June 2024. The Board determined it was in the best interests of students, faculty and staff to announce the closure now to provide as much time as possible to plan for the future.

The Board and College leadership have been laser-focused on sustaining the institution. In recent years, the Board eliminated high-cost academic programs, instituted administrator, staff and faculty layoffs, reduced pension contributions, cut administrator salaries, re-financed the Collegeā€™s debt, requested donors to unrestrict endowed funds, sold non-essential buildings, raised scholarship funds, and implemented a variety of new recruitment initiatives and strategies.

The Board and College leadership expected that their work toward addressing the Collegeā€™s financial challenges and securing a path forward for the College would succeed, and strengthening and increasing enrollment was a pivotal part of the Collegeā€™s Strategic Plan.


The College of Saint Roseā€™s commitment to delivering distinctive and comprehensive liberal arts and professional programs will live on through the contributions of each member of the Saint Rose community, past and present.

This is one of the matters that the Board is working to address. The College will partner with city, county and state economic development agencies as well as the Pine Hills Neighborhood Association to make a determination.

If you have thoughts or ideas on the future of the Saint Rose campus, submit them to campusideas@strose.edu. Your email will be shared with those involved in the campus planning process.

The College is announcing this now, months in advance of the actual closure, to give students, faculty and staff as much time as possible to plan for the future.

Current Students

The College of Saint Rose will continue operating through Spring 2024 and the Summer 1 session. Coursework and co-curricular activities will continue as planned, and our spring sports teams will compete as scheduled. Residence halls, the Main Dining and Camelot Room as well as student and academic support services will be fully operational.

In addition, currently enrolled students will realize many benefits through a comprehensive teach-out plan that will provide a smooth pathway for students to continue their degrees at other institutions without interruption. Part of this plan will involve identifying teach-out partners with NE10 and NCAA Division II programs.

For the Spring 2024 semester, the College is waiving the undergraduate overload fee. Undergraduate students can take up to 21 credits without incurring any additional costs.

The Collegeā€™s leadership and Board are developing a teach-out plan that will include agreements with colleges and universities to assist current students in continuing their studies in their chosen major or programs without interruption. The teach-out plan is subject to approval by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and New York State Education Department. A list of teach-out partners will be featured on the Collegeā€™s website. The College plans to schedule advising sessions with students to discuss their pathways to degree completion.

Saint Roseā€™s international students will be included in the teach-out plan. The College will assist our students, including our student-athletes, in this process.

The College remains accredited by Middle States and all specialized program accreditations remain in place for the current academic year. Going forward, the College, through its teach-out plan, will assist currently enrolled students continue their college career at other accredited institutions identified in the plan. Wherever possible, we will identify institutions with specialized program accreditation.


Yes. All financial aid commitments will continue through the current academic year.

Yes, the College remains eligible to participate in NYS and federal financial aid programs and continues to process all NYS and federal financial aid for current students. If you are eligible for a refund, you will still receive it.

All who are eligible to graduate in May 2024, and have completed their degree requirements, will receive a Saint Rose degree. Our Commencement Ceremony will take place, as scheduled, on May 11, 2024 at the MVP Arena. The Registrarā€™s Office has informed Class of 2024 graduates on how to apply, and detailed information can be found on our commencement web page.

Yes, the College will offer a Summer 1 session to help current students complete their degrees by the end of the academic year.Ģż More information will be shared soon.

The College will remain operational through Spring 2024 and the Summer 1 session and will cease academic instruction in June 2024. We are working to put in place plans to ease studentsā€™ transitions and work with them as they determine how best to complete their college degrees. This will include a teach-plan and teach-out agreements with other colleges and universities to serve as teach-out partners. We will share more about this plan as it is available in the coming weeks.

Yes. Students may choose a teach-out partner or another institution. The College is committed to assisting students, whatever their chosen pathway. However, arrangements with teach-out partners are intended to provide students with a continuous path to complete their education without interruption. So students who continue with Saint Rose through the Spring 2024 will have the benefit of a seamless transition to a teach-out partner for the Fall 2024 semester.

We understand that there may be students who choose not to participate in one of the negotiated teach-outs. Staff at the State of New York University system is prepared to work with students to explore options available at one of the other SUNY colleges and universities to complete your degree beginning next Fall. SUNY admissions counselors will be available next semester to speak to students individually to help students find a SUNY that matches their needs based on course of study, campus characteristics and location. You have time to consider your options for Fall 2024 admission and SUNY will work with each student on an individual basis.

We are pleased to share that The College of Saint Rose and the University at Albany have reached an agreement regarding the retention of Saint Rose transcripts. Under this agreement, Saint Rose transcripts will be transferred to the University over the course of the next 7 months. As required, the University at Albany will maintain Saint Rose transcripts in perpetuity and provide continued access to Saint Rose students and alumni.

Until the full transfer of transcripts is complete at the end of December 2024, Saint Rose students and alumni who need academic records for employment or further education need to continue to request their transcripts through The College of Saint Rose Registrarā€™s Office by following the directions on the Registrarā€™s Office Transcript Requests web page. Additional instructions will be provided once the actual transfer of transcripts is finalized later this Fall.

UAlbany was the Collegeā€™s first Teach-Out partner to sign an agreement, offering at least 85% of Saint Roseā€™s undergraduate AND graduate programs a degree completion pathway. The University at Albany announced in January that the New York State Department of Education had approved three new undergraduate teacher certification programs at the University, which is a critical component of Saint Roseā€™s Teach-Out Plan.

We are grateful for the support University at Albany President Dr. HavidƔn Rodrƭguez, Provost Dr. Carol Kim and their colleagues have shown, and continue to show, Saint Rose students and alumni.

Current students and alumni can request records from the Registrar’s Office. Instructions can be found on the Saint Rose website, here.


Yes. Spring sports teams will compete as scheduled. The Athletic Director will meet with students and families to discuss next steps.

Current athletes will receive their scholarships through the Spring 2024 semester.

The College of Saint Rose and the NE10 are committed to assisting student-athletes as much as possible as they work on their future plans. As per NCAA rules, all individuals with intercollegiate eligibility remaining will be free to pursue opportunities at other institutions; no permission to contact or transfer releases will be required.Ģż The Collegeā€™s athletic administration will assist student athletes who wish to have their contact information available in the NCAA Transfer Portal. Those students who signed National Letters of Intent will no longer be bound by those agreements and are free to speak to any other institution.

CITE Program

The CITE program will continue through at least the 2024 Spring semester, as planned. The Collegeā€™s Provost is working with CITE leadership on the potential transition of the program.

Faculty and Staff

The Collegeā€™s commitment to its dedicated faculty, staff and administrators is unwavering. The College will continue to do everything possible to support them and will provide faculty and staff with information and resources through its Human Resource Department.

Alumni, Donors and Friends

The College of Saint Rose has always relied on donations from alumni and others to support our students and maintain operations and we remain grateful for the generous financial support of those who shared our commitment to the Collegeā€™s mission.

We are committed to using these funds in compliance with the wishes of the donors.

The College will work closely with the Office of the New York State Attorney General to ensure that donations and endowments are managed in accordance with donor restrictions, grant obligations and New York State law.

The Alumni Association is an independent entity with its own Board of Directors, who will determine the future of the Association.

Alumni can request copies of their diploma .

Once Saint Rose closes, students and alumni can no longer use their email accounts. We understand that many users have a large amount of data stored in their accounts. We suggest migrating this data to a new email account as soon as possible to ensure you do not lose important information.

These instructions will ensure a smooth transition:

  1. Go to .
  2. Select the data you want to export, including “Gmail.”
  3. Choose the file format and delivery method.
  4. Click “Create export.”
  5. You will receive a download link once the export is complete.
  6. You can then import your emails into your personal email client or convert them to a different format using a third-party tool. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to perform this task, .

Student Loans

Due to the planned closure of the College, we are sharing information regarding the U.S. Department of Education’s closed school loan discharge process. You may be eligible for discharge of your federal student loans if you were enrolled at the time the College closes or the College closes within 180 days after you withdrew. Students who graduate or complete their degree before the closure, withdrew more than 180 days before the school closed, or complete a comparable program are not eligible for a federal student loan discharge. All eligibility determinations are made by the U.S. Department of Education.

You can find additional information about closed school discharge at .

After the College closes, if you wish to apply for a federal student loan discharge, you will need to fill out an application and submit it to your loan servicer(s). If you meet the eligibility requirements for a closed school discharge, your loan holder will automatically send you an application. You can also contact your loan servicer(s) directly to obtain an application. Applications should not be filed before the College closes after the Summer 1 session.

If you do not know who your federal student loan servicer is, you can look up that information at . Contact information for the loan services for federal student loans is below.

Default Resolution Group1.800.621.3115 (TTY: 1.877.825.9923)

Please contact your loan servicer for specific questions about federal student loan discharge.

Looking ahead

The College will assist students to graduate in May or continue their studies elsewhere and will outline a clear pathway for them to earn their degrees. That transition will be guided by a formal institutional teach-out plan, as required by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the New York State Education Department. The plan will enable the closure to proceed in an orderly manner to minimize its impact on the College community. The College expects to be able to share more in the next few weeks.

The College will share updates with students, families, employees, donors and alumni through our usual communications platforms, including email, website and social media.

Should you have a question, please email questions@strose.edu.